This page is dedicated to the memory of Jake Austin.  Although he walked this earth for only 14 years, he packed quite a lot of living into those few years. Most memorials on the web contain little angels and bows, with "Wind Beneath My Wings" playing in the background....and that's OK.  But after thinking about it, we decided to build this website the way Jake would have wanted it to look.  No cutesy bows here!  I'm sure he would have said, "Yeah, that's cool, Dad."  It is our hope that Jake's friends who visit this page will leave with warm memories and those who never knew Jake will be enriched by learning a little about him. Jake was a son, brother, friend, companion, protector, artist, mentor, musician, comedian,  leader and an inspiration.

This is one of my favorite photos because Jake and Bert pretty much have the same look on their faces!

This fountain was built in Jake's memory in early 2005.

If you have special "Jake" stories or photos to share, or would like to add a quote to the "Friends" page,  please email them to us below.  Or if you just want to say "hi", that's welcome too.

Above all, thanks for remembering Jake!


Jim Austin (Jake's dad) & Wesley Brown  (Jake's friend)

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A few new photos posted on Photos, page 4. 

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