Jake's Favorites

FAVORITE FOODS: Anything strawberry.  He loved fresh strawberries since he was little and if he had a choice of flavors, he'd always choose strawberry.  On his 10th birthday, his stepmom made him a strawberry cake, with strawberry icing, and fresh strawberries surrounding it.  It was topped off with strawberry ice cream.  Jake also ate many a strawberry sundae at Braums.  When the family joined me in California for a vacation, I had bought an entire flat of strawberries at the Farmers Market in San Jose for Jake.  He ate almost the entire thing.

In his older years, he loved any kind of ice cream, tuna fish sandwiches, Braum's Bacon Cheeseburgers and Taco Bell chili cheese burritos.  He also ate countless of bowls of oatmeal for breakfast in his lifetime.  He never seemed to get tired of it.   When visiting his friend, Mitch, he ate some summer sausage and just went ape over it.  So I bought him his own personal 2 1/2 pound summer sausage.  It looked like a small baseball bat!  He gnawed on that thing for almost an entire week.  He also loved garlic shrimp and ham, green onion and smoked provolone cheese omelets.  I taught him how to make those two dishes and he would go into the kitchen and cook them himself.  And he would always clean the mess up, too!  Like a lot of kids, once he got old enough to fend for himself, his eating habits got worse.  He'd go to town and load up on sweets.  He loved sweets so much that his grandma said he was possessed by the "sugar demon".  We always use to laugh & laugh about that and tease each other about the sugar demon.  Sometimes he would take a powdered donut and start to move it toward his mouth, then his other hand would come up to stop the donut hand, while he would use an Exorcist type voice and say, "Noooooooo!"  We got the biggest kick out of that.  Sometimes, Jake and I would get bored, so we would go to Braum's to buy milk, eggs, or whatever.  We'd also buy a half gallon of chocolate milk and chug it on the way home!  None of the other family members ever knew!  It was our special ritual.  He also loved eggnog at Christmas. 
FAVORITE PAST TIMES:  BY FAR, Jake's favorite past time was being with his friends.  Jake was happiest when he was running around town and hooking up with friends.  Jake also loved spending the night at Wesley's house and hanging out there.  (I'll let Wes tell his own Jake stories on his page, but I do want to say this about Wes.  Wesley was always a good friend to Jake and spent a lot of time talking to Jake and looking out for Jake's best interest.  He would talk Jake out of some of the crazy things he would want to do.  When Jake would gripe about life at home, Wes also  tried to instill in Jake that his parents were only trying to do what was best for him.  Wes has helped more people that he knows.  I will always be indebted to Wesley.) 

 During his last year,  Jake's friend Mitch had shown him a paintball course that he had built in a wooded area that sat between their two neighborhoods.  Jake had been there many times.  But the real fun was when they would pitch a tent in the middle of this wooded area and camp out all night. I took Jake and friends to get pizza and they'd take it back in the woods, build a small, well constructed campfire, and just hang out.  (The city would have thrown a fit if they knew those kids were building a small campfire in there, but it was so secluded, you couldn't see the fire....even though it was within a short walk of both Jake and Mitch's houses and right in the center of Mustang!)  The city tore down the woods a couple of months after Jake died.  He would have been bummed about that.  I was glad he got the chance to enjoy it while it was there.  The small town atmosphere in Mustang is slowly dying, leaving so few places a kid in Mustang can go to get away from it all without having to go outside of town somewhere. Jake also loved spending time with his dog, Chloe. If he was in a bad mood, Chloe could get him in a good mood.


Jake had just gotten into paintball, also.  He had a lot of fun paintballing and playing guitar too.  He took art lessons when he was younger and became a pretty good artist.  This is one of Jake's paintings.  He lost interest in painting, but would work in charcoal some, especially after the movie Titanic came out.  The past couple of years, though, he got more interested in graffiti and tattoo type art.  He was always drawing something.  He even bought a book on calligraphy to improve his graffiti type art.   He also did a little song writing, but the themes were always too dark or disturbing for me.

FAVORITE MOVIES:  Billy Madison (1995); The Changeling (1980); Saving Private Ryan (1998); Titanic (1997); RoboCop (1987); Forrest Gump (1994);  Major Payne (1995) The Waterboy (1998); Bad Boys (1983).

FAVORITE TELEVISION: The Simpsons; X Games; Anything that was on Comedy Central or The History Channel

FAVORITE ACTORS:  Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler, George C. Scott,

FAVORITE BANDS: Disturbed; ACDC, System of a Down; Buck Cherry; Black Sabbath; Aerosmith; Ozzy Osbourne; Mudvayne, Slipknot (As Jake's dad, I detested Slipknot and wouldn't let him have Slipknot CDs because they preached hate and their music made Jake angry.  It would wind him up tighter than a 3 dollar watch.  He'd end up trying to sneak Slipknot music)  In dealing with his defiance, psychologists and counselors told me to "compromise" so he got to wear Slipknot T-shirts and his infamous Slipknot hoodie, which he wore until it was a rag.


"I'd buy that for a dollar!" (from his RoboCop days)

"I'm going to live my life."

"It's not my problem."

" Dude, we can DO this!"

"Hellooooo, Mr. Squirrel!!"

Jake would also make this quirkly sound in the back of his throat that "sounded like a cross between a cat meowing and a ricocheting bullet."  He'd do it in class and the teacher couldn't tell where it was coming from.