Friends' Remembrances

One of my best memories of Jake was when somebody would make a funny comment or say a funny joke and he would laugh.  He had the funniest laugh.  If you were in a bad mood, his laugh could still make you smile! - David K.

One thing I will always remember about Jake is how he could get you to tell him anything. He'd look at you with his puppy-dog face and say "C'mon. You can tell the Snake Poo/Der anything." After you told him, you'd question why you did.  He'd stick his arms in the air and yell "Cuz I'm Jake the Snake Poo/Der!" I'll never forget that. - Sarah W.

Two things stand out. His "dumb look" was hilarious. All he would have to do to make me laugh is bulge out his eyes and hang his mouth open. The other thing happened when we were at the Rec Center. There was a huge garden spider in one of the corners. Jake decided to be "manly" and said "I'm going to poke it with a straw." Although he was arachnophobic, he walked over and barely pecked it with  the straw. When it moved, he did what I call "girly spider dance." That was the funniest thing he ever did that I saw. - Ellen T.

I think it was in 2002, when the 2nd Harry Potter movie was in theatres and we were dating.  On Thanksgiving, we decided that we wanted to go to the movies.  Being as my house was down the street from his Aunt Julies house, we walked over there.  We talked Jade into going to the movies also, so Jake called his mother and asked her to take us.  Giving in to Jakes great persuasive and persistent urges, she took us.  There is a part in the movie where a hole/cave is overrun by spiders of assorted sizes. I remember taking my hair, (He was so into the movie at that time he didn't notice) and rubbing it gently across his neck to make him think a spider was really on him.  He jumped straight up out of his seat!  As he sat back down, his mom, Jade and I were all laughing at him! - Kayla J.

I have a old, but awesome memory of Jake.  I think I was in 4th grade, so that would of put him in 3rd.  I was over at my friend Britni Pott's house spending the night.  Jake was there with her brother Ty.  We pitched a tent in the living room (because that was the cool thing to do).  Ne way, we were sitting in the tent playing "truth or dare".  Britni, knowing I didn't like feet, dared Jake to kiss my feet.  N he did it! It was the weirdest thing because he didn't even resist!  We just laughed and laughed the rest of the night.  He was always laughing when I was around him. His laugh...was awesome. - Christina A.

Hi, I just want to say that Jake was the coolest kid. One of my memories is when Jake left flowers for me on my door step. I thought it was the coolest thing and he always made me feel good about myself. Thanks for making this website. No one will ever forget Jake.

love, always and forever - Krista W.

It's so hard to pick just one of my memories because he was such a great person, but one time I particularly remember was when we had to do skits in English class. I had to sit in a desk and my pants got caught on the desk and fell down. Jake started singing the song "Pink" to me. Later, he reminded me of that day all of the time. It does seem kinda funny now! - Megan C.

One of our memories happened at Ashley's house. It was freezing cold outside and we locked Jake out just to be funny. He knocked on the door and mooned us all! It was so cold that his butt left an imprint on the door! Being the gentleman he was, he got some Windex and cleaned it off the door. - Marissa M. & Julie N.

Hey, this is Jalesa. I don't really know if any one remembers me or not, but I used to live in Mustang around Jake. Well, the most prized thing that has ever happened between me and Jake was when my dad kicked me out of the house ( for the 7th time). I was at the park which was between my house and Jakes. I was crying and alone in the middle of the night and I thought that there was no reason for me to live anymore. Well, I felt a tap on my back and it was Jake. He asked me why I was crying and I told him. He gave me a hug and told me that it was not worth giving my life. He told me that he would wait with me as long as I needed him. I will never forget that. I love him with all of my heart and I will never forget the love he showed me.

love always and forever,
- Jalesa J.

Hey, I've really never written to anyone about what happened to Jake or told anyone about how Jake saved me one day. Well, it was Friday, January sumthin, and I waz walking home from school and I guess Jake waz behind me. 4 guyz in a Mustang came up behind me and grabbed my arm and tried to pull me into their car. Jake ran up and grabbed my other hand and pulled me back the other way. He told them to get the h*ll out of here and not to come back. He walked me home almost every day he waz able to and thats how Jake saved me. Thankz for creating this web site. - name withheld by webmaster

Jake was like a "brother from another mother." When I first came to MMS, I didn't know anyone except Adam H. but then I met Jake.  Jake was always there for me.  When I think of him, it's like going down memory lane. To me, Jake was an adrenalin junkie!  We had some great times.  I took Jake paintballing for his first time.  On the first course, he shot two guys in the face mask!   We had some great times, like camping out all night in my paintball field.  Jake and Chad poked  fun at me because I kept saying how great the bonfire was.  Jake finally got tired and laid down in the tent.  He suddenly started screaming, "SPIDER!!!....MITCH,....KILL IT!!!! Those were great times.

I'd give him answers in Spanish class. When some guys screwed with my bike, Jake and Chad found one of them and questioned him about it. He got all scared and denied it.  Jake stuck up for me when no one else would.  If you messed with his friends, you messed with him.  I miss him a lot. - Mitch S.

"Friends to many...brothers to more...gone but never forgotten." I remember how Jake and I first became friends.  A long time ago, this kid I didn't even know wanted to fight me and Jake helped me out.  He told the kid to either back off or he'd have to face him.  I remember another time when I went to church and I didn't know anyone.  Jake came up to me and told me to sit with him.  If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have the beautiful girlfriend (Amber M.) that I've had for 2 years and love with all my heart. - Jarred S.

I had a few good memories with Jake. One of my most favorite memories was when he would call me and tell me to come over and play guitar together.  I'd bring my bass and we would play all night or until Jim would tell us to turn it down.  I remember one song in particular that he taught me was Smoke On The Water.  Man, that was a great song! - Andy S.

Hi Jim, I just had some more memories to add. One day like me and Ashley and Jake went up to Texaco to get some candy. We were walking and there was this rope to keep u from goin into a driveway, but we didn't see it. We were all walkin shoulder-to-shoulder n like we all tripped at the same time and jus fell on our butts! It was so funny. So then we were walkin back and I wasn't paying attention. Jake sees this and looks at Ashley like "she's gunna trip over that rope again" n sure enough I did! He was crackin up the whole way home!!

Another time  Ashley, Austin Chad and I were all hangin at Ashley's n we decided to have a wrestling match on her trampoline in the freezing the rain...with water on the trampoline! So me n Ashley r jus DOMINATING! It took Ashley n me to take Jake down but we did! After that, Jake n Austin picked me up n dumped me in the pool!! It was sooo cold! We were all SOAKING wet from playin in the water so we went in Ash's house n started drying our clothes with the hair dryer! It was great! One night me n Ashley snuck out n went over to Austin's to hang out. We were playing video games all night. Then Jake decides he wants some he looks at me n Ashley! Austin and Jake make us take their bikes up to Curt's at like 2 in the morning to buy a Butterfinger n some beef jerky! It took us forever cuz we had to dodge all these cars. We didn't want to get caught being out that late. Well, Ash drops the Butterfinger n runs over it with the bike. We get back to Austin's n Jake doesn't want it anymore because it was crushed! What a waste of time, right!? It was all good, tho. Then we jus sat in Austin's yard n talked forever! That was one of my best times with Jake!

Oh, I have one more story! Once we were all at Ash's n "we all know how Jake loved his ice cream." Well, he gets the BIGGEST BOWL I have ever seen and jus puts sooo much chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in it with syrup, M&M's, whipped cream, more syrup, more M&M's and 5 cherries! He ate every bite too. He did have a little help, tho - Marissa M.

Hey, it's Julie again. Every time Jake would call me, he would always do that "mmm-kay" the guy on Southpark.  I'm sure everyone that talked to Jake remembers that.  I can still remember him doing that weird cat noise/or a cat dying.  It always cracked me up! On April Fools Day, me and my friend Krysten were talking on the net and I wanted to play a prank on Jake.  I called him and said that God came to me in a dream and told me that all we could do was "hold hands"... no kissing or hugging... nothing!  Well, anyway he got so ticked off that I had to tell him that I was just playing.  So, he told me to meet him at the park.  He showed up and had Chad with him.  I didn't see what was coming.  Jake told me that things just weren't working out between us. Tears started swelling up in my eyes and he turned around and started to walk off.  I looked over at Chad and saw him laughing.  I still didn't realize that Jake was playing me like I had him.  So I screamed "NO, you get over here!" When Jake turned around, he had the biggest smile on his face!  I will never forget that.

I also have to add how much he loved Chloe.  That's really the only time he would talk in a sweet voice, like it was his child or something.  It was so sweet.  I'm sure Chloe misses the way Jake talked to him.  I will never forget Jake and I will love him till the day I die.

You'll always be in my heart, babe...I love you, - Julie N.

HI!  Hey, I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Katie W.  I didn't know about this site until somebody told me about it. I knew Jake when he was in 2nd or 3rd grade at Lakehoma. Some things on the website that I never knew about Jake made me laugh and some made me cry. I miss him - it's a wound that seems to heal, and then something triggers a memory and it's like it dawns on me one more time that he's gone. Reading the memories pages made me think of my favorite was around 3rd grade maybe when mom was driving the school bus on Jade and Jake's route, and for some reason or another, you had to work late, so Jake and Jade came home with us and we played air hockey til our fingers were bruised. That's when we took that picture of the 3 of us in the yard that you still have. You may not care to hear it, but I want to give you a small phrase to think about that a friend told me.

"Time does not heal the pain of death - it just makes that pain easier to bear. Time does not heal the wound - but it will be easier to get out of bed in the morning."

"We may rise and fall But in the end, We meet our fate together."

Thank you for creating the site. - Katie W.

Hi, I wish I had more to say but the 3 years I knew Jake where the best three years of my life and always will be. I met Jake at a park near the mid-high.  We started talking, laughing and then walked around some. When we got ready to go our own ways, he told me if I ever had a problem to let him know. I wish Jake was still with us.  School is not the same without walking down the halls and seeing Jake and listening to him talk about playing guitar.

Jake was the person who got me started on playing guitar. I would always talk about it with him in science class.  Jake never knew it but he saved me a lot of times.  I would get depressed and he would always make me laugh or tell me to wait and see what tomorrow has to hold. I wish he could have used that same advice he gave me.  I don't go to bed without saying a pray and listening to Ozzy or any metal out there.  My favorite song is Purple Haze.  Jake told me about it  and taught me how to play it at school.  I will never forget Jake and whenever I hear Purple Haze, I think of him.

 Jake knew more about me that other people just couldnít understand.   I was kind of a geek last year but before he died, Jake helped me realize that I am not a geek, but a metalhead!  Jim, your son was one of the few people in this world today that I would trust. I donít think Jake ever knew it, but I looked up to him more than anyone else.   One of my most favorite times with Jake was when we were yelling and wrestling at the park one time.  Out of nowhere, me and Jake both pulled out a knife.  We stood there and then started to laugh and went up to the Texaco to get a coke!

 ďJake, I know we might not have been the best of friends, but if you were here now, I would want to tell you that you were like the brother I never had.Ē - name withheld by request

I met Jake through school. He liked the band shirts I wore so they sparked a conversation between me and Jake. I remember Jake's nick name for me,"Hippie." He called me "hippie" because of my long hair, my liking of old bands and my everyday wearing of house shoes. I remember the day I first really had a conversation with Jake. It was about bands and rock n roll. Jake loved music. I believe he would have been one of the greatest guitar players ever, up there with Jimmy Page ,Zack Wylde and Randy Rhoads. I remember our first hour Art class and our inside jokes on the stupidest stuff. Jake was a good friend. He cared and listened. An excellent person. I wanted to put a few memories on the web site to let everyone know. - Jeff "Hippie" M.

Even thought my name is Nicole, Jake always called me "Nick".  I remember every day after 6th hour we would walk to our lockers together since they were beside each other and just talk. That was the part of the day that I liked the best.  And we would always walk really slow so we could talk the whole passing time, or as much as possible.  I would tell him what I was feeling and he would tell me what he was feeling and how stuff was going at home. - Nick S.

Hi, my name is Kathy C. and I live in Florida.  I was one of Jake's good friends.  I would really like to put a memory in the web page for him. It seemed like every time I called him or he called me, he was in a bad mood. But, by the end of our conversations, he was in a good mood again. Every time he would start to snap at me, I'd tell him not to yell at me in a tone voice and he stopped. The best memory I have with him is a song that me and him made up. 

it goes:
A B C D E F G 
A B C D E F G 

I cry almost every night over him. When I turn 16 I'm going to go and get a tattoo of his face or praying hands on my arm in memory of him. I miss him dearly and love him with everything I have.
- Kathy C.

Hey, I found a link to the website about your son.  I just wanted to thank you for making the website.  Itís helped me a lot and Iím sure itís gonna help a lot of other kids too.  Iím going to get my mum to visit the site as well.  It might help her understand some things.

Thank you, and my condolences for the loss of your son.  If only he could've visited a site like yours, it may have helped him. It helped me.  God bless.x  -
Kish from Manchester , U.K.

I was just reading your website on your son, Jake. I've got to say this, it touched me so much, it brought tears to my eyes.  Reading of such a bright young lad tortured inside by something he couldn't help.  It was so beautifully written, he sounds such a wonderful boy, I wish I had the chance to have met him myself.
I'm sorry for your loss.  What you've done to preserve the memory of Jake is so special.  I send my condolences.
Reading of Jake really affected me, it made me think.  Such a wonderful young man is now in a better place.  Thank you for making that website.  It really touched me.  I think Jake would be proud.

Nicolle L. - Norfolk, England

You don't know me and probably never heard about me but I met your son a few times. I lived in the apartments on W**** . I lived downstairs from a girl named Amanda ***** and her mother, We had gotten to know each other well, and as Amanda and Wesley Brown were very close friends, I got to know him and in turn Jake. I was older than they were and had two children of my own who were toddlers at the time. They used to love to come by and hang out and play with my babies. Jake was such a natural with kids. They would play playstation and watch tv...I miss those days. Anyway he was always very very respectful and fun. Jake was very articulate and honest. You raised a son that you had every right to be very proud of. I just wanted to say it I guess to make sure that you knew. I attended the memorial service, he was very loved and still is. I hate using the past the few months that I knew him he impacted my life and I will never forget him. He remains in my eyes that goofy kid playing my guitar with Wes, the silly boy playing peek-a-boo with my son who wasn't but 5 months old. He will remain in my thoughts and memories. So I guess what I am trying to say is thank you.




Note from Jake's Dad:  I found this poem today after I googled Jake's name.  It's been six years since he passed and I was updating his website.  I had never seen this poem and am amazed that I never came across it in six years.  Bizarre.  It is a heartfelt letter to Jake from a girl named Melissa.  Anyway, Melissa if you are reading this, I know that you've grown into a young adult by now and Jake's death is like a distant memory, but your words are so touching and heartfelt, they transcend those six years and bring Jake closer to any of us that knew him.  Thank you so much for posting that poem.