Jade's Memories

I remember Jake as my little brother who was always there.  We were only 18 months apart in age, so it was almost like having a twin.  We used to take baths together, play together and laugh together.  He was my other half,....my constant companion. We would fight like a brother and sister do, but I loved him with all my heart.  I even remember a lot of the little things we did together. There used to be this commercial for chocolate and strawberry milk for your lunches called "Chugalugs." After seeing it on television, Jake and I would go around calling each other "chugalugs" just to poke fun at each other as all siblings do. There was one main nickname I would call him and that was "Bubba." I don't know why but it just fit Jake. He was my little Bubba.

When we were really little and living in Norman, we would play Lion King in our kitchen. The kitchen counter went out into a sort of island and we would climb on top, get his Simba stuffed animal, and raise it up in the air like the baboon did in the movie. We also had names for a couple of the characters in the Lion King that only we would call them. The baboon called Rafiki we referred to as "Monkey Blue Butt" and Zazu, the little blue bird, we called "Stupid Bird." We were little and it was hilarious whenever we said those names.

I remember getting jealously protective of him because I didn't want my baby brother dating girls.  I knew girls could be dangerous. (ha-ha) Jake and I always looked out for each other.  I would get so mad inside if I heard about anyone picking on him.  And he would always tell me that he would "kick any guy's ass who hurt me".  He would always joke and say, "This is what I will tell him...touch my sister and I'll kill you.  I'm not afraid to go back to prison!"  He used to make me laugh so much.  It's even funny now how Jake used to strut around the house in his boxers, even when my friends were over.  He was such a show-off!

Jake was my confidant in an unspoken way.  He was my back-up against our mother and grandmothers when they got on my nerves.  If I needed to feel safe, I would go into Jake's room and we would just sit together and play video games or watch TV.  As we grew older, we didn't do as much together but we loved each other and had each others back.  There was and always will be that special bond between us.  Only he knows what all has happened in my life because he was right by my side to deal with it all.  He can't be here physically but he's still with me and a very strong part of me.  Nothing will ever come between my little brother and me, even death. 


                                                     I love you, bubba.


                                                    Your big sister Jade