Memories from Wes

I first met Jake at Crossfire youth service on a Wednesday night.  Jake was friends with another guy who I was friends with. This was in 6th grade.  I thought Jake was pretty cool.  It sounds funny, but part of the reason I liked Jake because he was someone who didn’t piss me off!  Most of my other friends would at different times.  

We started hanging out together more in 7th grade.  We had two classes together.  We had so much fun in Ms. Barr’s class.  Jake’s dad told me that Jake wrote in his diary that Ms. Barr was his favorite teacher ever.  He said that she was the only teacher who ever really understood him.  We got to cut up in Ms. Barr’s class.  Sometimes Jake would imitate Ms. Barr and it cracked everybody up.  She was always so cool about us being ourselves, as long as it didn’t get out of hand.

 I spent more and more time with Jake.  My mom really liked Jake a lot.  He would come over to my house and we’d listen to music, play guitar, watch movies and just hang out.  I had a video camera and Jake had an old video camera and sometimes, we’d video some of the crazy stuff we did.  I remember one time we were shooting my paintball gun at my house.  Jake wanted me to shoot him in the stomach and video it, but first he stuffed a bunch of magazines under his shirt.  I think he was a little scared at first, but once he took the hit and he realized it didn’t hurt, he let me shoot him over and over. He kept saying "do it again" and so on.  One time at Jake’s house, Jake wanted me to video him doing something that seemed funny to him at the time, but Jake’s dad didn’t think it was funny.  Neither did I.  I don’t want to say what it was, but now we laugh about it.

 We use to instant message a lot on the internet, back and forth.  One time, we were at my house in a chat room.  Jake was talking to this girl on the internet and he slowly got a little personal information out of her, then a little more, then a little more. She had an unusual last name, so I searched the internet and figured out what her phone number was (in another state!) and Jake called her.  She really freaked out for a minute, realizing that we had been able to track her down just from her unknowingly letting out some of her personal information.  But she was cool about it and Jake ended up calling her other times after that.

 When Jake would come to my house, we’d always have to walk to Morgan Mini-Mart and buy ice cream, either ice cream bars or those little quart tubs.  We would take it outside, sit on the concrete curb that separates the Mini Mart from the liquor store and eat it.  One time, Jake wanted to buy some cigarettes and said that he was going to go in to Morgan’s and tell the guy that he was 18.  I laughed and told him no way that guy was going to believe it!  But Jake was all about having a good time and taking a chance.  So he went in, put on his game face and asked the store guy for a pack of Marlboro Light 100s.  The store clerk was Asian and he just stared at Jake for a second, then his eyes got real big and he said in an Asian voice, “WHAAAAAAAAA?!  MAN,  AH YOU CRAZEEEEEEEE?!  DO YOU WAN ME GO TO JAIL?!!”  So, no ciggies for Jake.  But we laughed and laughed about it later.

 I remember going with Jake to Opening Night 2004 in downtown Oklahoma City.  It’s the big New Year’s Eve celebration.  Jake’s dad and step mom took us.  There were different bands playing and basically, Jake and I just ran all over downtown OKC having fun.  We walked to Subway to get something to eat and of course, Jake met some chicks.  It was all real fun.  Jake and I really had a great time together watching the bands and well,… just plain getting’ out and havin’ fun. I also remember at midnight we watched the fireworks.  That was one of the best times I had with Jake.

 The 2nd best time I had with him was when we went to the Disturbed concert at the Ford Center. My mom took us and hung out with us at the concert. It was great. I remember the lead guitarist pointed at Jake, my mom and I, and gave us the "rock on” symbol. We all got a thrill out of that. Times like those I miss the most.

 Jake was the most accepting person I’ve ever met. He was my best buddy to hang out with and the most fun guy to be around.  There were times when I was sad and depressed.  He ALWAYS cheered me up at the hardest times. I was always a happy person around him. He also could ALWAYS find something to do! He was the coolest dude I’ve ever met.  I will always miss him and everything about him. Everyday I look past all of this and think of the best days we had together. (That was most of the time we hung out!)

 I will always remember Jake for the way he embraced and lived life.

 “I miss ya, dude!  I wish you were still here with all of us.” - Wesley